2019 – A year review by blogs

January is always a good time for both reflection as well as looking forward.  At this time of year, I take a moment and look back through our blogs to see some of the newsworthy things that happened through the year.

Here are the 2019 highlights from our blog: 

  • Zumasys ran the MultiValue Idea Contest to spark innovation:
    • Read about the contest, which begun in February 2019... click here
    • Read about the MultiValue champions awarded medals in July 2019... click here
  • Once again, young blood was a topic for initiatives:
    • Read about the Rocket MultiValue Business Forum in June 2019, where some initiatives were discussed... click here
    • Read about the start of the MultiColoured Unicorn Apprentice Initiative... click here
  • There were some launches and product initiatives too:
    • Read about Evoke and the discssions on To App or Not To App... click here
    • Read about Rocket and Python... click here
    • Read about Revelation launching OpenInsight 10.0.7... click here
    • Read about LINKAR the what they have to offer to the MultiValue market ... click here
    • Read about Rocket and Pick Cloud's offering...  click here
  • October 2019 saw the MultiValue Logo given a facelift. 
    • Read about it and the find the links to download... click here
  • The 7th DBTA 100 still features MultiValue organisations.
    • See Rocket Software and Revelation Software on the list... click here 
In summary, I think 2019 was a a great year.  I wonder what 2020 will have in store for the MultiValue Community.

Happy January and all the best for 2019.

Posted by: Prospectus IT Recruitment