R35 - The Law

IR35 is a legislation designed to stop workers fraudulently claiming to be contractors for tax benefits.  IR35 is also known as the "intermediaries legislation" because it applies to workers who provide their services through an intermediary, rather than working as an employee.

Despite having been in force since April 2000, the Government is replacing the original IR35 legislation with the new Off-Payroll Tax, which was initially introduced into the public sector in April 2017, and will be extended to the private sectro from April 2021.

The IR35 Determination System

  • Fast determinations using the award-winning Kingsbridge Status tool developed by Andy Vessey who has defended more IR35 investigations than anyone else in the industry.  The logic driving the tool is based on key factors from real life IR35 enquiry cases.
  • Most accurate results and guidance as it combines an automated review process with in-house support for borderline cases.
  • Market-leading insurance cover for outside IR35 Determinations by Kingsbridge IR35 Protect Cover.  This product protects against potentially crippling costs that can arise from an IR35 enquiry, including defence costs, taxes, interest and penalties deemed payable by HMRC.  It covers whoever HMRC deems liable in an IR35 investigation, end client, recruiter or contractor.

IR35 Determination (Indicative)

  • Do at "recruiting stage" and budget correctly and remove the question - "inside or outside ?"
  • Fast - Done in about 15 minutes.
  • Instant results

IR35 Determination (Full)

  • Do at "recruiting stage" and Collaborative - Client, Agency (contract) and Contractor.  This negates challenges later.
  • Fast - about 15 minutes again.
  • Instant results 98% of the time and if not then progress to a "hybrid review" - results within 24 hours.
  • Status Determination Statement instantly generated with full reasons for the determination.
  • Peace of Mind - Outside IR35 Determinations are backed by insurance which protects the entire supply chain.

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