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REPORT: Webinar Pick Cloud and Rocket

Published over 1 year ago by Elkie Holland

Did you miss the webinar "Pick Cloud and Rocket" on Tuesday 10 December 2019 ?   I did attend it and thought I’d share some notes I took.

Dick Pick, the tech entrepreneur (1938-1994) who invented Pick stated, “After only 15 years, the spread of the Pick system reached global proportions”.  Pick is now over 50 years old   His son, Mark Pick has gone from “File-Save Boy” to “Cloud Evangelist Officer”. 

On Tuesday 10 December 2019, in conjunction with Rocket Software, Mark Pick gave a webinar about Cloud Computing and MultiValue.

During the Webinar Mark covered:

  • Why MultiValue is a perfect fit for Cloud
  • Security, Infrastructure and Compliance
  • Challenges and Benefits
  • Some MV Cloud Success Stories and a demo.

Pick Cloud is the first MultiValue Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) provider specialising in both public and private sector cloud solutions.  Currently powering hundreds of customers throughout Google’s global fibre network and infrastructure, Pick Cloud makes MultiValue easy by helping businesses revolutionise their unique MultiValue environments with the cloud.

They are advocates of “preserve and rejuvenate” and use Key Partner Alliances to enable this.

Key Partner Alliances include Rocket Software and Google.

Nicholas Carr said: “Computing is turning into a utility, and the effects of this transition will ultimately change society as completely as the advent of cheap electricity did.”  By using MultiValue in the Cloud you can provide a “utility” type option for MultiValue applications – i.e. pay only for what you use.

Mark discussed the Cloud verses an on-prem server.  With an on-prem “new” server you need weeks to procure the hardware and software licences, days to configure, burn-in and test, a few more days to pack and ship then unpack and install and setup.  Then there’s the possibility that only 10% of its capacity is used. 

Mark did make the point that for Cloud you need to be Google Cloud Certified to show companies that you are an expert. Certification is the stamp of approval that enterprise companies need to see to confirm your product expertise.  64% of the Fortune 500 trust Google with their most valuable asset … their data.  Clients including Twitter, ebay, PayPal, Costco, HSBC, LG, Johnson & Johnson to name a few.

The top five myths were dismissed:

  1. It’s someone else’s computer
  2. Costs more
  3. Is less secure
  4. Will cause a loss of control
  5. Will reduce jobs

The top 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing were said to be:

  1. Cost
  2. Private Global Fibre Google Network
  3. Performance
  4. Security
  5. Expansion
  6. Backups
  7. Reduces Carbon Footprint
  8. Always On
  9. Painless Maintenance
  10. Disaster Recovery

Mark also gave reassurances regarding compliance.

Client reference sites and journeys were from:

Cloud computing isn’t an “ALL or Nothing” choice and can be done in stages.

Some Do & Don’t Tips if preparing for Cloud Migration included:

  • Choose your Cloud vendor wisely
  • Colocation (colo) vs Fully Managed Hosting
  • 3rd Party Software
  • Printing Requirement
  • TEST & Testing
  • Reliable ISP vendor
  • Consider a Hot Backup

Mark Pick ended the webinar with these final thoughts:

  • It’s inevitable… you will be in the cloud sooner than you think
  • A Hot Backup or secondary Server can be configured in minutes
  • System failures/outages could cost you more than you think
  • DEV and TEST systems are available for authorized Rocket/MultiValue resellers (a lot cheaper than on-prem)
  • Experience you can trust – let Pick Cloud and Rocket Software help so you can focus on your core business.

During the webinar, Mark showed the power and benefits of Rocket Software’s D3 Hot Backup on Google’s private fibre network by showing transfer of data between a server in Oregon, USA and Mumbai, India. You may view the webinar and demo recording here.

Pick Cloud is a Rocket Software MultiValue Cloud Accredited Partner.

For further information contact:

Mark Pick, CEO Pick Cloud


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