About Us

🌟 Why Clients Choose Prospectus IT Recruitment!   

IT Recruitment Experts - especially in MultiValue and Salesforce!

1. Recognising Individuality 👍

  • Diverse Client Spectrum: Every client is a unique puzzle. We decode your distinct needs, appreciating your individuality.
  • Bespoke Solutions: No cookie-cutter approaches here. Experience strategies tailored exclusively for your business dynamics.
  • Crafting Excellence: Every recruitment blueprint is meticulously crafted, mirroring your exclusive vision and goals.

2. Tech & Intuition Hand-in-Hand 🤝 

  • Tech-Enhanced Insight: Harness the power of technology to refine and align your hiring process.
  • Human-Driven Understanding: Beyond metrics, our experts dive deep to resonate with your underlying aspirations and challenges.
  • Harmony of Man & Machine: Experience the magic when human intuition is amplified by state-of-the-art tech solutions.

3. Relationship-Centric Approach❤️

  • Nurturing Partnerships: More than just a service, we foster growth-driven partnerships. We're in this journey together.
  • Foundations or Integrity & Trust: Anchored in honesty, truth, and unwavering integrity, we don't just aim to build trust; it's the very fabric of our ethos.
  • Enduring Connections: We value longevity. With Prospectus, expect relationships that last, evolve, and thrive over time.

When you're unique, shouldn't your recruitment partner be too?

Dive deep into a tailored recruitment experience, designed exclusively around you. 

We have great individuals who combine to make awesome Recruitment Teams.  

  • Recruiters/Sourcers:  Elkie Holland, Ian Wiles, Anita Jagar, Monica Hargreaves, Jessica Eastwell, Shannon Davies, Melissa Burton.
  • MultiValue specialists:  Elkie Holland & Ian Wiles.
  • Salesforce specialists:  Elkie Holland, Monica Hargreaves, Melissa Burton
  • Contracts & IR35:  Anita Jagar
  • Social Media:  Joshua Zeelie
  • Advertising Team:  Michelle, Laura, Amy, Courtney and Tom
  • Training:  John Chalmers, Ali Whitehead
  • Accounts:  Chris Wade, Sue Cater, Hannah Davies
  • Tech Support:   Darren, Mike, Paul, Tom, Bill, Seamus, Dane
  • AI Colleagues: Aidan AI, Mindy AI
  • Management:  Elkie Holland