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2019 MultiValue Champions

Published about 2 years ago by Elkie Holland

They walk amongst us .... 

the 2019 MultiValue Champions !   

So who are these MultiValue Champions ?

They are wide ranging individuals.  Some quiet, some loud, some outspoken, some dreamers and others thinkers.   However, they are all individuals who are passionate and fervent about the MultiValue market and prepared to take time to assist and help mould the technology's future path with their ideas.

Earlier this year, Zumasys held the first 2019 MultiValue Idea Contest to listen to ideas and learn the needs from the Community.  This was a global competition that asked innovative coders and members of the Pick community to pitch ideas for how to advance the MultiValue data model.  The goal was to generate ideas that were original, practical, easy to scale, marketable, and durable.  These entrants are the 2019 MultiValue Champions !   They are all people who care for the future of a great product and who are "do-ers and see-ers".   There are close to 200 of these Champions roaming the world.

The overall winner of the Competition was Kevin King from Longmont Colorado for his idea to extend MultiValue's dimensional architecture to beyond it's standard field-value-subvalue construct.  Read more about this here 

President of Zumasys, Paul Giobbi said "the contest represents the best of MultiValue with the community coming together for a common cause and generating engagement from thought leaders from around the world."

And yes, I'm delighted and proud to say that I am a 2019 MultiValue Champion.  

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