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MultiValue Young Blood .... in the making....

Published over 2 years ago by Elkie Holland

Definition of "Young Blood" 

  • "young, fresh, or vigorous new people, ideas, attitudes, etc" - Collins English Dictionary
  • "young people who have a lot of energy and ideas" - Cambridge Dictionary
  • "youthful people" -

I'm delighted once again to see that  Rocket Software and  APT Solutions have teamed up again to help find and create MultiValue Young Blood.   December 2018 saw the launch of the 2018 Rocket APT Challenge - a global coding competition for computer science students.  It has been launched into universities across EMEA, the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions.  The competition aims to introduce students to new application development techniques in preparation for careers in coding or as an entrepreneur.  Students are encouraged to innovate to the limits of their imagination around this year's theme: "Improve Your Community".

More about the Rocket APT Challenge

The Challenge is open to undergraduate students 18 years of age or older who are currently studying engineering, computer science, or technology at an accredited college or university in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas. Entrants will be equipped with the technology and guidance necessary for them to develop their applications using the Rocket MultiValue application platform.

The TimeLine

  • October 2018 - Registration opens 
  • December 2018 - Competition begins
  • 15th March 2019 -  Development window closes
  • April 2019 - Judging and announcement of regional winners
  • June 2019 - Winners travel to Massachusetts for Rocket.Build 2019

Why Students are entering ?

  • Opportunity to enjoy an Internship at a MultiValue site.
  • Learning new technology and enjoying a challenge.
  • Regional winners receive a cash prize
  • All expenses paid trip to Boston to Rocket HQ in June 2019.
  • Share of the grand prize of $24,000 (US)

At Rocket HQ, Regional winners will compete in the final against other individuals and teams from around the world for a share of the grand prize of $24,000 (US)

How can you get involved ?

Offer an Internship.  Partner companies are already signing up to offer internships to entrants in order to help kick off the next generation of MultiValue Young Blood Developers.

Points of View

Stuart Shepherd, Managing Director at APT Solutions: "Businesses everywhere are crying out for skilled developers, yet many computer science graduates are struggling to find jobs.  We hope that the Rocket APT Challenge will help bridge the gap between the academic subject and the real world."

Andy Youniss, President and CEO, Rocket Software:  “The Challenge is more than just a competition - it’s a way of linking up successful global companies with a fresh pool of talent. There are many young bright students out there who have so much to offer but aren’t always aware of the potential of all the technologies that exist in the business world.” 

George Christian, last year’s winner, George Christian, a student at the University of Sheffield: “The competition enabled me to gain real-life coding experience. Being at Rocket Software’s HQ meant I got to learn from leading industry figures and offered me a glimpse into a career as a developer - which I believe will stand me in good stead for life after graduation.”

More information

For more information about the competition visit: or to enter.

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