How to Write a Glowing Reference

How to Write a Glowing Reference

A reference is meant to showcase an individual's strengths, so be sure to choose your words carefully! When writing a reference, it is always best to focus on the positive aspects of the person you are writing about.

Here are some tips to help you write a glowing reference:

  1. Language - use positive and descriptive language.
    - always goes above and beyond
    - significant contribution
    - hard worker
    - highly motivated
    - team player
    - excellent communication skills
    - troubleshooter
    - dedicatee
    - innovative thinker
  2.  Content - focus on the individual's strengths and relevant skills for the role they are applying.
  3.  Specifics - give specific examples of how the person has excelled in their field and any major achievements.
  4. Don't waffle - stay brief and to the point.

Following these tips will help you write a reference that will give the reader a good impression of the individual you are writing about.

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