LinkedIn Executive Search

LinkedIn - the platform
LinkedIn is the leading Professional Networking site.  It is the place to be and be found.  Used as a digital business card, news site and networking site.  It consists of (figures as at March 2023):

  • 875 million profiles worldwide
  • 38.1 million UK Profiles
  • 4 out of 5  UK professionals are on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn - RPS Power (Not all Recruiters use this super premium version)

  • Thoroughness - due to full worldwide member visibility and access.
  • Knowledge - talent mapping reports.
  • Artificial Intelligence insights to trends and behaviour
  • Fast results - by using 30+ filters and advance filters to hone down searches.
  • Buried treasure - ability to uncover the relevant hidden talent from the "naked profiles".
  • Professional - using reporting, organisation and communication toolset.

Personal Touch

  • Your Executive Search Consultant has over 35 years hands-on recruiting experience.
  • Digital, computer power is useful but combine that with personal knowledge and experience for a perfect combination of  woman/man and machine.

Selection, Interviews & Shortlist

  • Candidates will be thoroughly interviewed visually to establish "full fit"
  • Post interview report.
  • Shortlist presentation include (CV, Interview Notes, Video Interview).

Communicating through the process

  • Update meetings through each stage:
  • Specification stage
  • Hunt stage
  • Selection Interview Stage
  • Shortlist Presentation
  • Client Interviews
  • Offer and Placement

Shortlist - Interviews - Offer - Placement

We manage every step of the journey with and for you !

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