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A Rocket Review - 2015 to 2016

Published over 5 years ago by Elkie Holland

As 2015 drew to a close, I thought I’d catch up with Rocket to find out about their views on 2015 and what we can look forward to in 2016.

ELKIE:  As 2015 draws to a close, would you say Rocket has had a successful year product wise ?

The biggest 2015 product news from Rocket MultiValue (Rocket U2 and Rocket D3) is     around UniData, BI, and Mobile Applications.

Rocket UniData 8.1 marked the largest release in terms of enhanced features for the application platform in over ten years. With a true 64-bit architecture, 64-bit file support, security enhancements, account based licensing, support for IPv6, install/upgrade improvements, replication performance monitor, and local subroutines/functions with variable scoping. We’re honored that Database Trends and Application (DBTA) Magazine just named UniData 8.1 to its list of trend-setting products in Data and Information Management for 2016.

Rocket CorVu NG is now integrated D3 DBMS. CorVu NG enables development teams to rapidly build and deploy comprehensive data visualizations with real-time data access, interactive dashboards and drill-down. CorVu NG provides the right information wherever it's needed—to the desktop, web or mobile device and is integrated with U2 and D3 families of MultiValue databases.

And let’s not forget about going mobile! Someone without previous mobile development experience can quickly build new mobile applications—no special coding skills required with Rocket Mobile for MultiValue. Drag-and-drop widgets and templates simplify development. Leverage MV RESTful services to accelerate integration with and reuse for your MultiValue application.

ELKIE:  What would be major accomplishments in terms of events for Rocket MV in 2015 ?

In 2015, we held eight Rocket D3 TechDays across three continents: the United States, UK, and Australia. Developers, architects, and IT staff responsible for business solutions based on Rocket MultiValue data servers, tools, and related technology attended a jam-packed day of technical possibilities.

They discussed how to extend the reach of their applications by leveraging the latest popular development environments and also about new, exciting approaches for application lifecycle management, business intelligence, and more. At the TechDay in the UK, in Warwick, we fondly welcomed the MV Community into our own Rocket office.

Although the D3 TechDays were well-attended, many more people came to our first ever Rocket MultiValue University 2015 held Las Vegas. This international event attracted attendees from five continents and included not only the U2 but also the D3 family of products. Members of our MultiValue community came together to share and learn more about the latest developments and emerging technologies associated with Rocket MV.

Besides Mobile Enablement, MVU attendees also learned more about modern integration languages with MultiValue such as Python, and about security, and high availability. The benefits associated with our latest product releases and other Rocket technologies such as Business Intelligence, Secure File Sharing, Application Lifecycle Management, and much more were also discussed.

The response we got from the MultiValue Community is that these events renewed their interest in MV technology. The Rocket solutions being shown solve their business needs.

ELKIE:   Were there any other advancements or developments by Rocket MV that also benefited your customers in 2015 ?

Yes, in 2015, we enabled Rocket Business Connect (RBC) for our D3 family partners and customers. In use by the Rocket U2 family for over ten years, RBC is our self-serve online administrative order management system that handles multiple license types including perpetual, SaaS, term/subscription, and seasonal users. Other advantages of RBC for D3 partners and customers also include administering maintenance renewals, product downloads, product authorizations, and tools for tracking support entitlements in an easy-to-use and efficient manner. If you have questions about RBC, email

ELKIE:   Was there anything which perhaps didn’t quite go according to plan in 2015 ?

Our hotel room block for Rocket MultiValue University sold out, so we attempted to contract for additional rooms. The nightly rate had more than quadrupled at our event hotel, but we were able to secure additional rooms at a neighboring property. We found out why the rate went up at Harrah’s – Amazon Web Services was hosting its AWS re:Invent conference at The Venetian nearby and they had booked many rooms at our event location. Members of the Rocket MultiValue community reported bumping into AWS staff in the elevators and also striking up interesting conversations on the casino floors. Next time, we’ll contract for a larger room block so that we can extend a more reasonable room rate at our event site to late registrants!

ELKIE:  What can we look forward to in 2016 from Rocket ?

In 2016, Rocket will continue to lead business applications into the future MultiValue by continuing to develop technologies integrated with MV. Python integration with both UniVerse and UniData will be released to complement the native Basic language. Audit Logging is available for UniVerse to meet the needs of recent auditing demands and help with compliance regulations. Rocket will also offer Self-Service BI with MultiValue data for business users who need to quickly connect to data, create rich visualizations that expose trends, outliers and historical data, and derive insights for better business decisions. Rocket will also introduce a brand new product that monitors, detects, and cures the system and OS associated with the MV application platform.

And yes, we plan on having more Rocket MV TechDays across the world on a variety of hot topics or technologies that matter to our MultiValue Community. We do not have plans to host a Rocket MultiValue University in 2016, but we are strongly considering it for 2017. 

My thanks to Rocket for their time to enable this review of 2015 and gain an insight into 2016.

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