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Social Media vs. Industrial Media

Published over 6 years ago by Elkie Holland

[Image credit -Flickr]

People from all walks of life are talking about social media. From college students to new mothers to webpreneurs, everyone is learning how to harness the power of social media. From blogging to forum posting to LinkedIn, people use different forms of social media every day. 

What Is Social Media? 

Social media is an online publishing platform anyone can access. No special skills or large fees are required to participate in social media. Students discuss their latest assignments and download music favourites. Parents share photos and videos of their offspring. Business moguls let everyone know about their latest goods and services. Through content, photos and video, people share a variety of thoughts and concepts via social media. Anybody can start their own social media website with little or no capital. Typically it's free to participate in established social media programs such as Google Groups, Facebook and MySpace. 

What Is Industrial Media? 

Before the dawn of online social media, people had to get the word out about events on industrial media. From birth announcements to death notices to advertisements, industrial media was the only way to share information. Newspapers, television and magazines are examples of industrial media and are owned privately or by the government. For a fee, people purchase space in industrial media when they have something important to say. 

What Are The Differences Between Social Media And Industrial Media? 

There are several major differences between using social media and industrial media. Let's consider what makes each form of communication viable and unique: 

1. Social media requires little knowledge or skill whilst a certain level of professional expertise is required to use industrial medial. 

2. Content on social media appears in real time so news and updates are announced right away. It may take weeks or even months for content to appear in industrial media. 

3. Industrial media must answer to society for the quality and accuracy of its content while social media remains largely unregulated. 

4. Social media can be owned by any individual or business while industrial media is more costly to obtain and manage. 

Why Should You Choose Social Media? 

If you want to talk in real time without any specific skills, social media is an ideal means of communication. Update clients and employees immediately, share your latest photos with family across the country and talk to friends half way around the globe, network to connect with new business associates and friends and increase your circle of contacts. Social networking is easy and enjoyable through online social media. 

Why Should You Choose Industrial Media? 

Certain announcements are expected to appear in industrial media by law or social obligation. People often seek information about debts, legal actions, birth announcements and deaths in industrial media. Additionally, there are still plenty of people who aren't online. Rather than getting information through a computer, these folks read or watch industrial media. If you don't post content on industrial media, you miss out on networking opportunities with people that don't go online.

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