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7 Tips to master pre-employment psychological tests

Published over 6 years ago by Elkie Holland

[Image credit -Flickr]

Pre-Employment psychological tests are administered to find out the best candidate for a given position. Generally, they include personality tests, aptitude tests and IQ tests. They are formal and structured psychological instruments. They normally consist of multiple choice questions to be answered in strict time limits. 

Pre-Employment psychological testing is very crucial for your dream job. You must know how to encounter it before you enter your examination hall. You might be a genius on any online IQ test but you are going nowhere if you do not attempt the offered test correctly and quickly. 

Here are some tips to accomplish your career related psychological test successfully: 

Tip 1: Prepare Well 

Some people think that pre-employment tests can measure your intelligence accurately, whatever attempt you make to improve your score. Unfortunately, that is incorrect. Experiments have proven that if you prepare well, you can beat the pre-employment psychological tests. The following tools may help you to score better: 

* Puzzles 
* Word Games 
* Mathematical Reasoning Practice 
* Verbal Reasoning Practice 
* Websites Focusing On Preparation 
* Real Knowledge of Tests and their structure 

Tip 2: Comprehend Examples 

Almost all pre-employment tests provide certain sample resolved questions to help you comprehend the style and structure of the test. You must scrutinize these resolved examples and if you encounter some problem, do not hesitate to ask the administrator for help. 

Tip 3: Read Questions Carefully 

Isn't obvious? 

But many candidates score low just for not understanding the questions correctly. Naturally, you would be looking to answer the question quickly. But you must not sacrifice correctness for speed. 

Tip 4: Encircle Words 

While reading a question, encircle important words and keywords. Suppose a question contains word 'not' or 'except' encircle that. It helps you to remember that the question is in negative and you need to answer in the true/false preposition. In case of 'except' it becomes easier to select an exception. 

Tip 5: Process of Elimination 

The experts advise that while answering multiple choice questionnaires, you should use process of elimination. Most of the multiple choice questions contain the answering options in this way: 

* One Unlikely Answer 
* Two Poor Answers 
* One Possible Answer 
* One Correct or the Best answer 

Read a question and start eliminating the choices in the same order. You shall, most probably, reach a correct answer. 

Tip 6: Absolutes

There are some words called absolutes such as all, never, none and always. They leave no room for exceptions of any kind. When you find such words in answers, in most of the cases, the choice would be correct. 

Tip 7: Watch for Speed 

It is just a reminder! 

You are going to resolve your test within strictly limited time. You must not sacrifice your correctness for speed. But you can't ignore your speed. 

Generally, you shall find 60 seconds or less to answer a question. When you find a question difficult to be answered within average time, just move on. Once you complete your test, you may come back to the unanswered questions, if time permits.

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