Chris Wade

Mastering Numbers with Authenticity

Introducing Chris Wade, our trusted and approachable Accountant who believes in the power of transparent communication. In a world often muddled with complex financial terminologies, Chris stands out by advocating for simplicity, ensuring that everyone can understand their financial standing without the jargon.

Why Our Team Values Chris:

  1. Straight-Talking: Chris keeps it simple. He breaks down financial complexities into plain English, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

  2. Exceptional Knowledge & Pragmatism: Chris pairs his deep financial expertise with practical common sense, ensuring our financial processes are efficient and clear.

  3. Detail-Oriented: With his unmatched attention to detail, Chris ensures every financial facet is meticulously examined, ensuring accuracy and trustworthiness.

Beyond the Ledger:

  • A Sports Devotee: Proud chairman of his local football club and passionately coaches the U12's team.

  • The Hard Rock Explorer: Wanderlust with a twist. Chris has a unique hobby of traveling between Hard Rock cafes, collecting distinctive shot glasses.

  • Lockdown's Green Surprise: Lockdown brought out a surprising side of Chris - a budding gardener with a productive vegetable plot, showcasing his adaptability and zest for learning.

Whether it's balancing our books or sharing tales from his travels, Chris Wade epitomizes dedication in both professional and personal spheres. With him, you're assured clarity and authenticity.