Jessica Eatwell

IT Recruiter & Creative Enthusiast

Step into the realm of IT recruitment with our dynamic specialist, Jessica. She's more than just a recruiter; she's a relationship builder with a creative twist.

Jessica's Highlights:

  • Connectivity: With her knack for building lasting client relationships, Jessica bridges technical needs with the right solutions.

  • Above & Beyond: Not just meeting but exceeding client expectations, Jessica presents our services with precision and charm.

  • Personal Touch: Her warm, engaging nature ensures every interaction is memorable and supportive.

  • Innovative Approach: Her background in mixed media and marketing adds a distinctive flair to her recruitment strategy.

  • Artistic Pursuits: Off-duty, Jessica channels her passion into filmmaking and music, echoing her diverse talents.

With Jessica, IT recruitment is not just a task but an art, blending technical acumen with a touch of creativity.