Jennifer Banche

A Trailblazer in Marketing and IT Recruitment

Setting foot in the professional arena with a dynamic range of roles—from PA and Marketing Specialist to Manager's Assistant—Jennifer has honed her skills in organisation, communication, and creativity. However, her passion truly ignites in the digital realm, excelling in web design and orchestrating impactful social media and digital marketing campaigns.

Key Highlights:

Passionate & Adaptable: Jennifer maintains a hands-on approach, catering to both her loyal clientele and an ever-expanding circle of new connections, infusing her work with dedication and dynamism.

Digital Visionary: Always ahead of the curve, Jennifer was quick to recognize and harness the potential of emerging social media platforms, establishing herself as a trailblazer in digital marketing.

Relationship Maestro: Regarded highly by industry leaders, her extensive network is built on years of trust, fortified by her straightforward ethos of "Tell it like it is."

Experience the fusion of Jennifer's vast network, unwavering commitment, and expertise in marketing and IT recruitment. Your journey to finding the perfect match is in capable hands.