Caan Thomas

Boolean Search Wizard & Resource Specialist

Caan dives deep in the world of exploration and discovery.  He is an integral part of our Search teams with unparalleled expertise.

What Sets Caan Apart?

  • Boolean Brilliance: Caan isn't just adept at Boolean search; he's a true wizard. His knack for crafting intricate and precise search strings unveils the best talent in the industry.

Deep Dive Expertise: Caan's extensive explorations span multiple renowned job board CV databases including:

  • LinkedIn, CVLibrary, Jobserve, CW Jobs,      
  • Indeed, Reed, Total jobs, Simply Hired    
  • Jobsite, Best IT jobs, Fish4jobs     
  • ...and many more.

Valued Team Member: Caan’s expertise doesn't just add value; it elevates the team's potential. His commitment and skill make him an indispensable asset.