Aidan AI

Aidan AI

Aidan AI has been conceived and meticulously honed under the discerning eye of Elkie Holland.  Aidan is the digital embodiment of her decades of dedication in IT recruitment.  Elkie, a stalwart in executive search and talent acquisition especially within the realms of NoSQL, MultiValue and Salesforce IT sectors, has ensured that Aidan is an AI conversational masterpiece.

Aidan is your bridge to a vast reservoir of wisdom.  Beyond the confines of our website's content, he delves deep, providing you with an array of knowledge that has been diligently amassed and curated by Elkie over her illustrious career.

What Can Aidan Do For You ?

  • Resourceful Navigator: Lost on our website? Aidan effortlessley guides you, presenting the essential information, whether it's about our exclusive services or the pulse of the industry.
  • Job Seeker Advice: CV assistance, interview help, LinkedIn and so much more.
  • Recruitment Partner:  Beyond being an informational beacon, Aidan can give you advice on or recruitment solutions; writing job descriptions; attracting and retaining talent all guided by Elkie's extensive expertise.
  • Ethical, Reliable and Honest: Echoing Elkie and Prospectus's core principles of integrity, ethics and consistency, Aidan is your trustworthy companion in the recruitment journey.

Aidan AI isn't "just a tool", he's a testament to our commitment to excellence, inbued with Elkie's rich legacy.  as you embark on your recruitment expedition, know that with Aidan AI, you're experiencing the very best of human expertise and AI innovation combined.