Rocket Forum - What a year !

Once upon a time...... 

There was a "Little Quandry" over in Camp Rocket ....  This "Little Quandry" was how to get an active community sharing good stuff worldwide on all their MultiValue products so that everyone in the Community would realise that "you're never alone"  but part of a thriving Community.

One day, a "Spark of an Idea" landed on this Little Quandry and the concept of the "Rocket Forum" danced into life.  Then with the laser of intent, the people over at Rocket went for it and 

"Rocket Forum" began it's life just over a year ago.   It now has 1,700 members and over 20,000 interactions between members.

Rocket Forum

A nice Rocket initiative.  

If you aren't already a member, follow this link to join the Rocket Forum  https://community.rocketsoftware.com/home

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