2019 Review – DBTA 100

It's December, and Christmas is fast approaching and the end of another year.  I decided to take a look back over the year and thought that the MultiValue world should be pleased that it still features and maintains its place in the DBTA Top 100 List of companies that matter most in data.

Congratulations to

Rocket Software and Revelation Software

who both continue to feature on the list.

2019 saw the seventh DBTA 100 list.  This list is the Top 100 vendors who are addressing the interconnected demands for hardware, software and services that help customers unlock their data's potential.  DBTA, as always, makes some interesting observations / insights:

  • Data volumes are expanding rapidly, and companies who harness the value of this data will have a competitive advantage.
  • There is a growing appreciation for data's value.
  • Criminals, as well as companies, are also seeing the value of data.  IBM’s “2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study” says the average total cost of a data breach rose from $3.62 million to $3.86 million, an increase of 6.4% over the previous year. The study also found that the longer it takes to identify and contain a breach, the greater the cost.
  • Spending on data management and analytical products and services has risen, with double digit growth projected through 2022 (according to "Worldwide Semiannual Big Data and Analytics Spending Guide")

Congratulations again to Rocket Software and Revelation Software for championing MultiValue.

Posted by: Prospectus IT Recruitment