Rocket MultiValue Business Forum 2019

The Rocket MultiValue Business Forum 2019 was held this year in early June at Ardencote.

The venue was very rural and stunning, with Spa and Golf, and the food hospitality was great!  However, the main focus of this event was for Rocket to educate, update and LISTEN !

The sessions were a mix of 4 types – normal, inspirational, educational and futurological !

The normal sessions:

  • Rocket MV Roadmap (Chris Rizza, Rocket)
  • What’s new in Universe and D3 and coming soon to UniData (Chris Rizza, Rocket)

The inspirational sessions:

  • Introducing MultiValue Integration Server (Claude Masseron, Rocket)
  • Optimise your MV applications with LegaSuite Web (Andrew Simpson)
  • Application Lifecycle Management and DevOps for MultiValue Environments  (Andy Finley, Rocket)

The educational sessions:

  • U2 EDA & Replication
  • Securing MV apps – Encryption, Open SSL, Audit Logging

The futurological sessions: 


The Business Forum ended with a session on Special Interest Groups – Apprentice programme and GenNext.


The After Forum

The Forum was of course accompanied in the evenings with some drinking...   as prolific as ever!!

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