Amy Sheldrick

Executive Assistant & Compliance Virtuoso

Amy effortlessly blends her roles as an Executive Assistant with expertise in contracts and compliance, proving indispensable in the multifaceted landscape of IT recruitment.

Amy's Strengths:

  • Recruitment Acumen: While not a recruiter, Amy boasts a deep understanding of the IT recruitment process. This knowledge aids in streamlining operations and fostering better collaborations within the team.

  • Contracts & Compliance Maven: Amy excels at the intricate dance of contracts and compliance. Her mastery ensures that every engagement adheres to industry regulations, minimizing risks and enhancing efficiency.

  • Executive Support: As an Executive Assistant, Amy is at the heart of organizational operations. Her keen eye for detail and ability to anticipate needs make her invaluable in supporting Management and the wider Team.

  • Cohesion Catalyst: Amy is the essential bridge, ensuring a seamless integration between all areas of an IT Recruitment business.

With her diverse skill set, Amy is the backbone that supports, enhances, and ensures the smooth running of our organisation. Her role is pivotal in ensuring that every operation, from executive decisions to recruitment engagements, is executed flawlessly.