Joshua Zeelie

Digital Maestro 

Joshua, commonly known as Josh, but affectionately called JayZee is the visionary architect of our digital engagements. His profound understanding of online dynamics seamlessly marries creativity with the ever-evolving world of social media.

Dive Into Josh's World:

  • Digital Dynamo: Josh doesn't just manage our social media – he brings it to life! His innovative approach ensures we're always a heartbeat away from the latest digital trends.

  • Narrative Ninja: Stories that stick, content that clicks - Josh crafts narratives that not only engage but truly resonate with our digital audience, fostering a genuine connection.

  • Beyond The Screen: Josh isn't all about pixels and posts. In his downtime, he's engrossed in the colorful world of anime, perfecting his golf swing, or channelling energy on a punching bag.

With JayZee steering our digital ship, we're not just present online; we thrive there. His zest for crafting unforgettable social experiences makes every online interaction with us a delightful journey and engages with clients and candidates.