FREE - MultiValue Modernization Tools !!

30 years ago, OpenInsight was the first MultiValue toolset to feature a graphical user interface, and Revelation Software believe that they are still the best GUI MultiValue product available for the development of modern Windows desktop and web-based applications.

In response to the recent trend and desire for modernization fo MultiValue systems, Revelation are offering a free copy of OpenInsight WORKS for a year to any MultiValue developers who have not worked with OpenInsight before.  There are no strings and no obligation to buy, but you are invited to try it.  Revelation believe that you, the Developers, will like it and your users will love what you produce, so much that you won't want to be without it !   

The WORKS is more than just the development tools.  It is a whole suite of resources to help you to modernize your applications for Windows and the Web.  The OpenInsight development tools, support, education, online access to a thriving developer community and more.  OpenInsight 10 features countless enhancements requested by our end users and VARS, and delivers an easier to use toolset, a better end-user experience and increased performance across the toolset.  Supporting most leading MultiValue databases and SQL databases, you can continue to build on your investment in your preferred database.

So what's in this offer:

Full OpenInsight WORKS tools. WORKS Membership - allows use of OpenInsight 10 Technical support Access to their e-Learning course

Want more information, talk to Martyn Phillips, European Account Manager at Revelation.  Martyn will happily look after you as an Account Manager but also happy to share what he's created with OpenInsight.  Martyn is a hobbyist and MultiValue fanatic !

To claim your FREE MV OpenInsight WORKS Subscription or discuss it further, contact martyn@revelation.com  



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