The IR35 Status Determination Quest!

Fed up with the CEST Tool repeatedly saying "Unable to make a determination", Elkie Holland went on a long, hard, arduous and time-consuming Quest to find a way to get definitive answers.

Having spent years learning about IR35 legislation and it coming in the Government Sector, and now it being rolled out across the private sector, I knew there had to be a better way.

I am delighted to say that this long and arduous quest has now been successfully completed.

There is much information and mis-information and misunderstanding about IR35 and how to deal with it.   There are many offerings of assistance and price bands.

  • CEST Tool
  • AI Software determinations
  • Human opinion determinations

Cost points started from £50 upwards to £1,200!!

Prospectus now offers, as part of our service to our clients, the ability to help clients assess the "Is it inside or is it outside ?" question!   Elkie Holland has now undergone full immersion into the IR35 world and is now trained fully and can do:

  • Indicative Status Determinations (pre-contractor search)
  • Full Collaborative Status Determinations! (taking in information from client, the contractor and the agent, i.e., the contract)

These determinations are done with her knowledge, some deep-diving software determination tools and then human intervention for any still on the cusp.  Any "Outside IR35 Determinations" are then backed by insurance to provide peace of mind to the ENTIRE SUPPLY CHAIN !


Welcome peaceful nights to ALL in OUR supply chain!

Want to find out more? Talk to Elkie Holland. Phone 01932 269 563 or email elkie@prospectus.co.uk
Posted by: Prospectus IT Recruitment