WEBINAR REPORT: Rocket Software Q4 MultiValue Roadmap

Once again, I (Elkie Holland) was delighted to be allowed to join the Webinar – Rocket Software Q4 MultiValue Roadmap.   The format, as expected, was to recap how much has been done in each product this year and to whet the appetite and excite with a preview of what’s planned.  Slides whizzed past a rate of over 1 every minute. What I think it certainly did was show that Rocket Software have definitely been active during Covid!

Rocket talked about their “MultiValue” Technology Stack.

Rocket had a very busy year with the following releases:

February 2020 UniVerse 11.3.2
May 2020 wIntegrate 6.4.4
June 2020 SB/XA 6.5.6
July 2020 D3 10.3.2
September 2020 UniData 8.2.2
October 2020 UniObjects for Python (UOPY)

A whistle-stop recap of improvements was given about each release. Then an overview of Features Committed and then planned ideas for 2021. 

As Committed and Planned is a “living document”, it would be unfair of me to list them.  Plus there was so much not even my shorthand was fast enough to document it all accurately.  Enough to say that there's plenty to look forward to.

The Webinar ended with a highlight on FREE GOODIES from Rocket.  These include:

UniObjects for Python (UOPY)

  • Free on PyPi.org
  • Remote access to MV Servers in Python
  • Full stack development in Python: from web server (uopy) to database backend (u2py)
  • Fully leverage the Python ecosystem with many 3rd party libraries
  • Enable rapid application development
  • An open and extensible UO client
  • Easier to hire and attract young talents

Rocket Forum: LIVE

Rocket’s digital touchpoint with customers, prospects, partners and Rocketeers: https://community.rocketsoftware.com/home.

  • Latest Discussions
  • Recent Shared Files
  • Rocket Blog

MultiValue University (MVU)

Free to all customers.

http://rocketsoftware.com/Resources   (select MVU)

The multitude of content (over 80 videos) has been organized into the following sections:

  • MVU: MVAS - MultiValue Application Servers
    • QA & Testing MVAS
    • MV BASIC for Visual Studio Code
    • Audit Logging for UniVerse and UniData
    • UniVerse & Recoverable File System
    • D3
    • How to secure your Rocket D3 data
    • Python
    • Deep Dives
    • Lots of other stuff
  • MVU: MVIS – MultiValue Integration Servers
    • MultiValue University (MVU)
    • 'How To’s

Rocket are continuing to grow this library of content.

The slides and commentary by Hernando Borda ensured there was even more content and meat for those on the Webinar.  

For any questions about anything or to get more detailed information about specific releases, contact Kathy Larson: klarson@rocketsoftware.com.

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