MultiValue gets out and about in South Africa

Axiz is hosting a MultiVendor Day Conference Event in Cape Town in South Africa on 3rd March 2020.  Held at the D’Aria Estate, one of the top Durbanville wine estates, the event will provide customers and prospective customers with the opportunity to gain more knowledge about Axiz’s partner companies and to meet the partners. 

Axiz established a strategic distribution partnership with BlueFinity to supply Evoke to companies in South Africa and other African markets.  Evoke was launched to the market in 2017 as a “new generation” app creation platform which allows businesses to design, develop and deploy adaptive business apps across multiple mobile and desktop devices using their existing staff.  Evoke is a low-code / no-code Rapid App Development platform.

Simon Theobald, Director at BlueFinity International, will present a short keynote speech at the event in a session called, “Creating Full Function Mainstream Mobile Business Apps for MultiValue and SQL Applications.” He will discuss the current state of the app development market and how the market is beginning to find sustainable solutions. He will discuss the key benefits of the rapid app development platform Evoke, which is designed for the mainstream (SQL) market, but operates equally well for MultiValue.

Delegates can meet Simon at the BlueFinity stand and find out how Evoke enables integrated full-function business apps to be created for all major devices and platforms, using existing in-house skills and expertise, in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. He can discuss the many advanced new features of the solution and how it can help companies of all sizes create web, hybrid and native apps that fully integrate with back-end systems and databases, as well as extending enterprise and legacy applications. He can also demonstrate Evoke’s functionality, including its familiar drop and drag, select options and point and click methodologies.

Simon Theobald said, “We’re delighted to be attending and speaking at the conference. Evoke is viewed as one of the most exciting additions to the SQL and MultiValue markets for many years.  It offers a truly mainstream SQL product that works equally well with MultiValue. We’re looking forward to meeting delegates to discuss how Evoke can help their business and how easy it is to use.”

More about BlueFinity International:  

BlueFinity markets Evoke, a cost-effective, rapid app development platform that provides the complete environment for your existing staff to design, develop and deploy business apps across multiple devices (IOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets, plus Windows, Apple and Linux desktops). Evoke can offer a low-code or no-code route which can evolve into fully customisable native apps as you require.  It allows you to confidently create web, hybrid and even native apps (as it generates into Visual Studio and Xamarin projects), and to fully integrate and synchronise with existing back-end systems and a wide array of both SQL and MultiValue databases. 

BlueFinity is committed to a continuous development programme for Evoke, ensuring its partners and customers will always be able to take advantage of the very latest of technological innovations to deploy multi-platform, multi-operating system based business apps. www.bluefinity.com

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