Recruiters V Techies - Are you up for the StepBet Challenge??

Do you want to get fit AND compete against your favourite recruiters ?

Here at Prospectus IT Recruitment we are challenging our candidates and clients to get fit and win $$$'s !

Sign up today at www.stepbet.com and join our game called "Desk Jockey", and you can join in the fun and get fit, and win money.

  • Game:         Desk Jockey.
  • Start date:   20th February 2017 (but sign up from now !).
  • Duration:     6 weeks.
  • Bet:              $40 (meet your Bet = get your money back + share of Forfeited bets).

Game Code:    DeskJockey

Game app:       StepBet

All levels of fitness are welcome to join and can play fairly, as an algorithm assesses your past and works out your achievable target.

It's easy to join, all you will need is:

  • One of the following activity trackers:
    • iPhone Apple Health
    • iPhone Apple Watch
    • iPhone Fitbit
    • Android Fitbit
    • Android Google Fit via phone
    • Android S Health via phone
  • An outlay of $40 (if you meet your goals you are guaranteed to get your money back. If not, you forfeit the money and Winners / Successful "Desk Jockey" StepBetters get a share of the Forfeited funds, so you can succeed and get $40 guaranteed + Share of Forfeited bets.)

So, are you up for the challenge ? Go on, you know you want to play with us and beat us !

For more information and to sign up visit www.stepbet.com (or download their App) and put in the game code "DeskJockey".

See you online!!!

Posted by: Prospectus IT Recruitment