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Company Overview

orthgateArinso (Northgate) serves approximately 1,000 multinational customers, which includes more than 20% of Global Fortune 1000, 4,500 large / medium customers and approximately 10,500 small/ medium enterprise (SME) customers worldwide. Northgate currently employs over 10,000 employees and operates in 46 countries across 5 continents. The original company was founded in 1969 and since that time has 40 years experience in the IT industry. 

Northgate is also one of the market leaders in the MultiValue market where it continues to attract new clients and is considered the industry leader for introducing new technology. Most of the world's largest MultiValue installations across all continents run on a Reality database, many of which are mission critical and make use of Reality's market leading resilience features to ensure maximum availability. 

Mission statement: 

To continue as the leading MultiValue solution provider for the MultiValue market and the trusted partner to the MultiValue community IT decision makers, by preserving and rejuvenating MultiValue applications through smarter processes and more innovative technology. 


Reality, Reality Web Services, Reality Failsafe, Reality RealWeb, Reality DR, Reality Auto Backup Website: Keeping Reality up to date is always a good idea. Northgate publishes software updates on a regular basis to its support web pages. These pages can be found at: You will also find other support information here including updates to other related Reality software and our FAQs. 
Our latest news, events and newsletters can also be found there. 


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