Multivalue The Technology

According to Wikipedia:  

"MultiValue is a type of NoSQL and multidimensional database, typically considered synonymous with PICK, a database originally developed as the Pick operating system."

MultiValue databases include commercial products from Rocket Software, jBASE, Revelation, PickCloud, Ladybridge, InterSystems, Northgate Reality / NEC Software Systems and other companies.

These databases differ from a relational database in that they have features that support and encourage the use of attributes which can take a list of values, rather than all attributes being single-valued. They are often categorized with MUMPS within the category of post-relational databases, although the data model actually pre-dates the relational model. Unlike SQL-DBMS tools, most MultiValue databases can be accessed both with or without SQL."

Don Nelson designed the MultiValue data model in the early to mid 1960s. Dick Pick, a developer at TRW, worked on the first implementation of this model for the US Army in 1965.