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Top Interview Tips

Company Research

Before your interview, research the company, what they do, where they are in their market, who’s who in the company.  There is nothing worse than turning up unprepared, or even being greeted by the MD and not realising its them!


Before your interview, plan your route, know what you’re going to wear and make sure you have enough time to get ready.  Make a list of questions you want to ask throughout the interview or at the end.


Ensure you allow enough time for your journey and ensure you know the public transport routes and times and if you’re driving, check your route and make sure you know where to park.

Body Language

Always make eye contact, it shows you are paying attention and have an interest in what you are being told.  When responding to a question its important to speak clearly and confidently.  Sit up straight with your hands in your lap and don’t slouch or fiddle with things. 


When the interviewer asks you to provide an example of how you have dealt with a situation, think about your answer, they want a realistic answer, that’s not long winded or made-up.