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Chronological CV Structure

Use if:

Do not use if:

  • You wish to use the most common and Company / Recruiter friendly CV structure
  • You have a solid work history and good career progression
  • You have career gaps (Functional)
  • You are changing career (Functional / Combined)
  • You are beginning your career (university or college leaver) (Functional)
  • You are technical e.g. IT related (Combined)

The Structure

Personal Details

Your name and contact details e.g. address, telephone number, mobile and email address.

A common style is to put your name on the top line in bold, and on the next line your address. On the third line you write your telephone number, mobile number and your email address.

Personal Profile

This is basically a summary of your career as a whole. It should be no longer than 5 lines in length.  It should be a short and positive statement of what you have done and can do to help your new employer benefit in his business with the skills that you have.  This is often tailored to the role you are applying to.

Employment History

This is your career history in reverse chronological order.  Place the name of company, job title and dates highlighted on the first line.  Under each employer, you should set out a number of bullet points which describe your key achievements, duties and responsibilities.  Remember to use power words.

Education and Qualifications

Key qualifications Education and qualifications in reverse chronological order. Include dates, name of the course, name of the educational establishment and the grade achieved.

Professional memberships


Hobbies and Interests

Optional but only add some if they relate to the post or if they show off other aspects of your personality.


It is fine to put “Available on request”.