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Top CV Mistakes

Here is a list of a few things you should avoid!

  • Too long – a CV should be 2-3 pages at most; the rest is unlikely to be read.
  • Poor spelling and grammar. Read your CV aloud to help check what you have written rather than what you think you have written or ask someone to check it.
  • Using the personal pronoun. Some agencies prefer ‘he/she’ whereas most people write their CV with ‘I’. e.g. It’s better to write ‘involved with …’ rather than ‘I was involved with …’
  • Omitting essential skills – you should make sure that any skills that the role requires are shown clearly somewhere on your CV.
  • Missing a personal profile. This is your sales banner and the best way to demonstrate how your skills are relevant to the job.
  • Dates in the wrong order. Use reverse chronological order, (i.e. the most recent information/job first).
  • Leaving gaps in your employment history.
  • Not prioritising skills – it’s important that the ones the employer is looking for are right there at the top of the list.