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Personal Details

Your personal details include things like your address and contact details and nationality.  Your personal details should always be included in your CV even if they’re in a covering letter or email signature.  This is because they can easily become separated.  DO NOT put your address and name etc in the header of footer section as parsing software is often used in HR departments and agencies and it cannot extract the information.  This can result in them not being able to record of find your contact details easily.

Name – your name is now generally used as the document title as the document is all about you.  It should be bold and in a larger font than the rest of the text.

Address  - your address should be under your name but in a smaller font.  If you have 2 addresses, make sure you indicate which address you will be at and when.

Phone – Your third line should have your phone numbers. Both your landline and mobile.  Make sure you have a voicemail on at least one of these numbers so that a message can be left for you.  Remember to check it.

Email – this comes next.  This should be a professional sounding email address and not something like “sex kitten” or “best gigolo” etc. 

Optional Information – Your age and marital status these days is optional.  In fact, some clients prefer it if you don’t put your age or date of birth or marital status on your CV at all.

Nationality – we advise you to put this on. Add details of any visa / work permits and their expiry dates.