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CV Writing


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A CV is one of the hardest documents to write.  Everyone has different experience and backgrounds and there isn't one size fits all.  You have to tailor and make sure that you are happy with the one that you write.

What a CV Should Say

Your CV should be a summary of your skills and work history.  Think of it like a product sales brochure, and the product is you. Taking this analogy further, it needs to:

  • Sell you by drawing attention to your positive attributes and skills.
  • Describe your skills and history 
  • Put your best points forward, but doesn't waste valuable space on the obvious
  • Be clear and succinct and easy on the reader to glean the informationa nd visualise you and your skills.

Below are some videos to assist you.

​​How to tailor your CV for interview success - (click here)  Credit to Andrew Fennell

How to avoid the seven most comon CV mistakes - (click here)  Credit to Andrew Fennell