3 Steps to a Great Reference for Jobseekers 

Save your Referees from Writers Block !

3 Steps to a Great Reference for Jobseekers 

Two candidates of equal ability, same skill, same company.  

How can the references be so different ?  Well they can.  One followed the simple 3 steps below and the other didn’t.

The 3 steps:

Step 1 – ASK
Always ask your Referee if they would be willing to give you a reference.  Even if they have given you a reference in the past, ask again.  It’s polite !

Help your Referee get past “Writers Block” !  It’s a real thing !  Provide your Referee with all the information they need in order to give an accurate reference. It is your career, and you will remember exactly what you did, so help refresh your referee’s memory.  So, information to give them includes:

  • The basics:  Your full name, dates of employment and starting and ending job title, and contact information and the dates you were working with them.
  • The role you’re applying for: and provide them with any relevant information about the position you are applying for including company name and the position . This will help them to write a more targeted and effective reference for you.
  • Your key skills and strengths: One of the main purposes of a reference is to highlight your key skills and strengths. Make sure to give your referees a good idea of the qualities you feel are most relevant to the position you are applying for.
  • Your achievements:  If you have any notable achievements from your time in the role, be sure to mention them to your referees. This could include things like completing a difficult project or going above and beyond your normal duties.
  • Your work ethic:  A key ingredient of any successful reference is a positive assessment of your work ethic. Make sure your referees are aware of your commitment to your work and ability to get the job done
  • Your professional development: If you undertook any professional development during your time in the role, remind your referees. This could include things like completing relevant training courses or taking on extra responsibilities.

Be appreciative.  Some people may not feel comfortable giving a reference or may not have time to do so.   People do not have to give references.  So, make sure you really do thank them in advance for helping you.
Your career and your reference is ultimately in your hands. 

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