LinkedIn – all is NOT equal!

Some things in life are not equal.  LinkedIn is one of those.  However, LinkedIn is fair, as everyone has the same choices and options.

Having just completed the series of LinkedIn Recruiter Refresher Training Courses, I am reminded of how unequal the Recruiter playing field can be.  So many different types of license  from Standard, Premium, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter Lite to the haute license – Recruiter Professional (RPS)

Let’s face it, LinkedIn is a great source of information – especially for Recruiters.  Good Recruiters should, can and do grow and nurture their networks.  However, it’s hard for any Recruiter (good, bad and excellent!) to ensure their network reach is always 100%.  Some Recruiters have the skills to x-ray search LinkedIn using Google, and this can assist.  However, by far the best and most efficient way is to use the full Recruiter License (RPS) with LinkedIn.  It’s not cheap, but it is GREAT.

I’m fortunate enough to have the full Recruiter License (RPS) and this comes with continued Refresher and Upskill Training.  Having just completed these again, I’m reminded why I LOVE RPS LinkedIn:

  • I get full LinkedIn member visibility.  No longer limited to 1st and 2nd degree connections.  I really can see everyone worldwide!  700 million profiles, with 30 million in the UK!
  • Over 30+ filters and Advanced Filters to hone down searches to find the right candidates.  No super-long lists to never get to the end of but a super-hot shortlist !
  • AI Spotlight insights – awesome, again, helping direct energies to the right people.
  • Profile alerts and multiple filter search alerts.  All help me stay “up to date” with changing situations.
  • Talent mapping. Superb and interesting insights here!
  • Fantastic novel searching strategies, from “finding an individual’s clone” to finding and identifying the “hidden talent” from the “naked profiles” with no keywords or skills.   Definitely a hidden gem here on the knowledge side.  Soooo good! 
  • Creation of own fields which are searchable.  Like overlaying a Recruiter’s memory and insights on top an already-existing huge information base.
  • Plus a plethora of analytics, folders, organization and communication tools.
  • Mix this with a great Account Manager (shout-out to Charlie Campbell) and I know I’m lucky.

I love and pay for my RPS License, and for ease, speed and thoroughness and the ways to find the “hidden talent” from “naked profiles”, I choose to drive the LinkedIn Ferrari to get the best and speediest performance and results for my clients !

I know when I say I searched LinkedIn that I really have searched all of LinkedIn and not just my network!  That’s 700 million LinkedIn members worldwide, 30 million in the UK.  4 out of 5 professionals in the UK are on LinkedIn!   Love being able to provide the crème de la crème of service and knowing my shortlist is the result of a thorough hunt leaving “no stone/profile” unsearched!

The scales are not equal when Recruiters search on LinkedIn!

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