MultiValue Logo Facelift

The MultiValue cube logo has had a facelift.

This has been done to increase awareness of the role these databases play in the $4B NoSQL market.  The logs is available for use by all MultiValue organisations and individuals operating in the MultiValue sphere.  The great logo facelift is courtesy of Zumasys.

The point is also made that the MultiValue brand is diluted if there is not consistency in logo usage shape, size and colourings.  In the ReadMe document (click here), it shows the number of logos that can be used.  

MultiValue is a type of NoSQL and multidimension database.  We all know MultiValue as being the collective term for all the variants.  For more information about what a MultiValue database is – click here.


How to get the logo

You can simply download it for free.  There are both Screen Versions and Print Versions.   DOWNLOAD HERE

Screen Versions:  this includes various logo lockups and usage instructions, and the logos are PNG file format.  (click here)

Print Versions: this includes various logos, colourways, and usage instructions.  The print logos are in Vector / AI file format.

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