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Company:      ONGroup Intl
Date:                July 2017
Announce:      Release Version 2.0 of of MV# Developer Studio, MV# Developer

The product               

MV# Developer Studio is an editor for MV BASIC and an IDE for MVON# Netbuilder applications.  Netbuilder runs applications in .NET with SQL Server that were originally written in System Builder (SB+).  The Studio includes a designer, property pane and other features for rapid development and maintenance of applications.  The MV# Developer Studio is part of the MVON# suite of tools that free MultiValue applications from using MV-specific databases or MV-specific run machines. MVON# tools run MultiValue applications in .NET with MV data in SQL Server.

What people are saying:

Peter Carroll, Senior Software Engineer at ONGroup Intl: “Having been an ardent fan of Easy Developer (ED), I have to admit that using the Studio is a big advance for application development. I highly recommend contacting ONgroup and giving it a spin”.

Grant Hart, Chief Software Architect for ONgroup: “In demos, when clicking or touching the screen to compile, with or without debut, which is what developers working in other languages expect, often we hear MultiValue developers “ooh” and “ahh”. However, MV# Developer Studio 2.0 feels more like Microsoft Visual Studio than other editors that support MV BASIC, PROCs and Paragraphs."

More information:

  • Contact:         Dawn Wolthuis
  • Email:             dawn.wolthuis@ongroup.com
  • Phone:            (800) 573-0300 x709
  • Website:         ongroup.com
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