MultiValue and DBTA 100 2017

Every year, the DBTA (Database Trends and Applications) publishes its DBTA 100.  This is the Top 100 vendors it recognizes as evolving with the times and leading the way to address new needs and opportunities.  It spotlights companies that are dealing with the evolving market demands through innovation in software, services and hardware.  The list includes long-established IT companies as well as start-ups.

DBTA 100 2017 can be found here.  The DBTA made some interesting observations / insights:

  • Data is moving and being stored in a greater variety than ever before and must be protected when the data is in transit and not at rest, whilst allowing the data to be available to users quickly.
  • Data volumes are on the rise, and the variety of data types and sources is leading to heightened complexity.
  • To leverage all this data, new approaches are being embraced, and more are on the way. Hadoop and Spark were two open-source technologies mentioned to help process larger quantities of data.
  • NoSQL and cloud databases are also being put to greater use. Artificial intelligence and machine learning offer the promise of predictive and prescriptive analytics,
  • Blockchain-distributed ledger technology is gaining attention as a potential disruptor in the data management space.  (Think Bitcoin!)
  • Relational technologies continue to reign supreme, trusted MultiValue (sometimes referred to as the fifth NoSQL database) plays a key role in many organizations, and the mainframe is holding strong as a strategic platform due to its reliability, scalability, security, and performance.

In 2017, it’s great to see that MultiValue is still featuring on their list and mentioned in the DBTA comments in the DBTA Top 100 for 2017.  It shows that MultiValue is not a technology of the past but is still pioneering into the future.

Congratulations to Revelation Software and Rocket Software.

Posted by: Prospectus IT Recruitment