A Great Recipe to Cook Up MultiValue Skilled Students

Mmmmm... something wonderful has been cooking.  Here's the recipe and results:




Step 1:  
Mix the ingredients together – Zumasys, the provider of MultiValue software, jBASE and cloud computing solutions, with the Indiana-based Ivy Tech Community College, along with a dash of Cook Medical, a specialist manufacturing company.
Step 2:
Pour the knowledge into the Student Vessels and then challenge the  Students with problem-solving projects to prepare them for careers in manufacturing management for companies like Cook Medical.
Step 3:
Once the Student Vessels have mastered foundational programming skills in jBASE, under the leadership of Associate Professor Dr Diana Nixon, challenge them to a final project to write programs for employee time-entry and customer order management.
Step 4:
Take the most able from the class and offer them an internship at Cook Medical, with an opportunity to earn a full-time position after successful completion of the internship.


A  wonderful dish of a new generation of trained and industry learning skilled MultiValue Developers!
Jennie Vaughan, Chancellor at Ivy Tech, Bloomington: "The partnership with Cook Medical and Zumasys creates opportunities for students to learn skills with immediate practicality in the workplace. Our students are learning high-demand skills so they are career-ready on graduation day.  This is not only important fo the success of our students, but also further develops a skilled workforce in Indiana."
Paul Giobbi, President of Zumasys: "Attracting new developers to MultiValue is a top priority for the market, and we are excited by the potential of this program. The native architecture of jBASE appeals to new developers familiar with NoSQL databases, and this is an excellent way to expose up-and-coming technicians and programmers to the power of MultiValue"
Posted by: Prospectus IT Recruitment