Things brewing ... with Zumasys

A winning equation:

Paul Giobbi (Zumasys) + Southbank + Dinner + Talking

It was with great delight that I accepted Paul Giobbi's invitation to meet up during his recent jam-packed whirlwind UK visit.  Always a very pleasant part of my job to meet up with great people.  This time was no exception.

We enjoyed a walk along The Southbank, taking in the sights and hustle and bustle whilst getting some much needed steps for our Fitbits!   I'd been at a desk all day and Paul flying.  (Gossip note:  The Zumasys culture strikes again - Zumasys have a company wide FitBit competition going !).  

The walking was then followed by a relaxed meal and a good old natter about life and an update on Zumasys.  

It was a wonderful time, and I felt honoured to be trusted with the "heads up" on some things that are brewing.  Sadly, though, I'm not allowed to blab about things just yet, but I believe that I can say it'll be a step forward in the right direction for the benefit of the whole MultiValue Market !!!!  (If I'm not allowed to pass on even the snippet that good things are about to happen, then I'm sure this post will disappear with a few hours of publishing !!!)

Sometimes news in the MultiValue market is a little quiet, but that doesn't mean things aren't afoot and a rosy future looming for those committed to MultiValue technology.

Can't wait for "blabbing time" !!

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