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MultiValue featuring as Trend-Setting for 2021

Published 7 months ago by Elkie Holland

There's nothing like a New Year to start a new period of hope and dreams and a general feeling of positivity and looking forwards.  

Data management and integration demands continue to increase as organisations are faced with more data flowing in fraom a greater variety of courses than ever before.  Businesses need to make sense of all this data and organise and extract revelant information.  To help make the process of identifying useful products and services easier, each year Database Trends and Applications magazine creates a list of Trend-Setting Products.  These products, platforms and services range from widely accepted offerings that continue to evolve to meet the needs of their users to breakthrough technologies that are in the early stages of adoption.  However, the common denominator for all is that they "represent a commitment to innovation and seek to provide organisations with tools to address changing market requirements".

It was great to see 2 MultiValue products on this list.  Congratulations to: 

Revelation Software for OpenInsight

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