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Happy Birthday and Thank You !

Published over 1 year ago by Elkie Holland

32 years ago Prospectus was born.   Some people liken having a business to having a lover.  I would certainly agree with that analogy.  Prospectus has been both demanding and pleasurable and it is indeed a "labour of love". 

Why ? Well because it is so wonderfully diverse.  No 2 days are the same and there are often new situations to enjoy and handle.

Prospectus has grown and thrived within the MultiValue Community.  This is a wonderful market to work in with not only great technology but filled with a wide  range of businesses and many fantastic, wonderful people.  It is not just a "market sector" but a true Community.

Over the 32 years, I have seen and heard many things. I often liken myself to a Priest in a Confessional and hold (never to repeat) both sensitive individual and corporate information.  I find it a privilege to be trusted and consulted on a variety of things. Another way I describe my job is being a Landlady in a Village Pub - and not due to the amount of alcohol consumed ! 

Prospectus has taken me to many places: Australia, Singapore, America, Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and even Lapland and Egypt as well as all over the UK.  Hopefully later this year I'll be back in the USA in Las Vegas !

Through the years, not every situation has been wonderful and without heartache, pain and tears however, as it's a Birthday and me being an eternal optimist who wears rose tinted glasses, I don't dwell on those !

So, what is there not to love:

  • I've climbed a vertical ice mountain whilst hating heights !
  • Been used as an anchor for a hot air balloon.
  • Won a number of Business Awards and been written about in a book.
  • Visited spas and swum competitively !
  • A couple of weekends in Venice with the obligatory Gondola rides and cocktails.
  • Learnt passable Finnish in a week and then visited Lapland for ice fishing as well as riding a Skidoo and husky sleigh (not my favourite as I'm dog phobic) and eating reindeer and ending by falling in a snow drift ....
  • Many theatre trips.
  • Being a guest speaker on a number of radio chat shows.
  • Ice creams and Father Christmas at Harrods and Tea at the Ritz a few times.
  • Lunches at The House of Commons. 
  • Learning to pole dance !  Yes there are photos but I am NOT going to share.
  • Visiting a sex museum and a live show in Amsterdam.
  • Hosting parties at London Clubs.  Some might remember the Dream Boys making a guest appearance ("entertaining alternative cabaret!).
  • Many lunches, dinners and just a few late night drinking sessions (diet Coke of course !)

Funny incidents:

  • Doing Marilyn Monroe impressions on a site visit in the Server room.
  • Two members of staff kidnapped whilst abroad (ransom paid).  
  • Hustling at a few Pool Tables.
  • Having and audience with a CEO and tying him up on a boat to extract information.  (No charges were pressed !).
  • Lots of video "faux pas" with people.  Yes there is an outtake library (unshared !). 

This has all been possible because I have found the most wonderful Community to work in.

Whilst all the above have given me some great memories, I still get my biggest highs from helping people find the right jobs and assisting companies with their business aims, IT projects and watching them flourish, knowing I've played a small part in their success.

What remains to be say is that NONE of these years and events would have been possible and enjoyed without YOU - the MultiValue Community.  Thank you for all your trust and allowing me to help and be part of the Community.

Thank you to the Multivalue Community


Happy 32nd Birthday to Prospectus. 

It's been great fun.  I love my job !

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