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Thames Valley Awards: Apprentice of the Year

Published over 1 year ago by Elkie Holland

The Scene:           A glittery affair held at The Hilton in Reading.

The Date:              Thursday 30 January 2020

The Main Cast:    

Award HostessMary Flavell
Keynote Dinner SpeakerNaomi Riches MBE (one of Britain's most famous athletes)
EntertainmentTiny Tina Turner and her 6-piece band

The Table:

Elkie Holland
Prospectus IT 
Brian Leach
Brian Leach Consulting Ltd
Ian Wiles
Prospectus IT
Sharon Probets
Perfect Learning
Steve Fowler
Rocket Software
Bruce Simpson
Just IT Apprenticeships
Claude Masseron
Rocket Software
Kurt McKenna
Just IT Apprenticeships
Liza Hickson
Independent HR Consultant

John Merrit

"Apprentice of the Year" Nominees:

Lewis Armstrong
Hawes Group
Joe Porter
Layla Warfield
Daisy King
Monica Champan
In Health Group


Prospectus decided to sponsor the Award as we are 100% behind Apprenticeships.  Back in the 70's, Apprenticeships were linked to many jokes and stories.  Apprentices were often sent on impossible missions eg:

  • to buy tartan or striped paint
  • find a left handed spanner
  • get some sparks for the grinder
  • get a replacement bubble for a spirit level
  • and the infamous glass hammer.
There are even stories of:
  • Apprentice Chefs - sent to a butchers for a "leg of liver"
  • Office Apprentices - sent to the bakers fo get some "cheap brazen tarts"
  • IT Apprentices - get some "virtual memory"
  • Building Site Apprentices - could be seen for an entire morning practicing for the Wheelbarrow Proficience Test doing 3 point turns and reversing around a corner
Today, Apprenticeships have changed and improved dramatically.  Apprentices are more respected by colleagues in the workplace and are also much wiser.  The courses have improved and are wider ranging - not just the trades.

At Prospectus is still working on Project Unicorn with the help of Brian Leach Consulting, Sharon Probets of Perfect Learning and Rocket Software to create a special module tto join onto the current IT Software Developer Apprenticeship and have this ready to roll before the end of 2020.  Project Unicorn should help an Apprentice integrate at MultiValue sites faster and become more useful, which in turn will help their career and the clients' business.  We have chosen and are working with a recognised national apprenticeship provider, Just IT, to deliver this to our clients nationwide.

We believe that Apprenticeships are a great way to connect companies with ambitious young people who are eager to build their careers.  Young people bring an energy and excitement to employers that's hard to replicate.  Apprenticeships provide structure and support to transform them into skilled professionals. They combine earning a salary and getting real-wold experience.  For employers, apprenticeships are a chance to solidify and standardise new starters' training.  The training cost can be covered by money they've paid into the Apprenticeship Levy, which makes apprenticeships good value for money.

The Award:

The Thames Valley Apprenice of the Year Award recognises an individual who has made an exceptional contribution and commitment to their workplace. 

And the winner ......of the Thames Valley Apprentice of the Year.......goes to

Lewis Armstrong from Hawes Group.

Congratulations, Lewis !

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