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5 Interview Tips to Get that Job Offer

Published over 2 years ago by Elkie Holland

[Image from Flickr]

Most people don't particularly enjoy job interviews. Interviews are definitely one of the most stressful occasions in someones life. 

These tips, if used, will probably give you the advantage over about 80% of all job applicants.  Yes, that is the percentage of applicants who do little or no preparation for an interview !  So, the biggest tip and a recurring thread is:   PREPARATION. 

The more you prepare beforehand, the more confident you'll be at the interview, and the more confident you'll appear during it. Employers like interviewees who are confident and this in turn means you are more likely to get a job offer.

Here are 5 tips that'll put you streets ahead of the competition: 

1. Know yourself well. 

This may sound a little strange but many interviewees forget the basic facts about themselves.  Have these properly rehearsed in your mind. Basic facts include things like education, skills, interests and previous work experience. When talking about your education, your interests and the roles you have had in your jobs to date, try to slant them to show why you would be the ideal candidate for the job. 

2. Enthusiasm.

Make sure you are enthusiastic. Remember, the interviewer is looking for someone they feel will be ideally suited and interested in the role.  If you come across as having very little interest in the position, you’ll be unlikely to be offered.  

3. Have knowledge.

Make sure you do your research on the company offering the job and the job role itself.  This gives a good impression and helps you interview better.


4. Give evidence.

Work out beforehand the kind of skills and qualities you feel you would be useful in the role you are being interviewed for.  Then think of as many good examples as you can of how you've demonstrated these in your work. Look for opportunities to use these as answers to the interviewers questions.  Make sure it sounds natural though ! Reinforce your abilities with real evidence of what you've done in previous jobs. Don't just give a bland one or two word description of your role – elaborate. Give specific descriptions of individual aspects of the work you did. Try to emphasize examples of tasks you performed that would make you perfect for the job you're being interviewed for.  

5. Appearance.

First impressions really do count.  This is also the only impression the interviewer will have of you.  It’s not just what you wear, although that’s important,  but also who you appear to  be.   Think about the kind of character qualities and personality qualities you think someone good at the job you've applied for would demonstrate.  Try to come across at the interview as having those qualities too. 


Good luck with your interviews and we hope these 5 tips help.

Now go get that job !

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