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Webinar Invitation - Disaster Recovery Solution (Pick Cloud, Google and Rocket Software)

Published about 3 years ago by Elkie Holland

Date:   Wednesday 23 May 2018

Time:    6:30 pm  (GMT)     [10:30 am (PDT)]

Register here

Disaster ?

What if you lost everything? What would you do? Sometimes the worst does happen. Are you prepared? Just how much are you prepared to lose because you don’t have a recovery solution in place?

Service-interrupting events can happen at any time. Your network could have an outage, your latest file-save backup might have failed, or—in rare cases—you might even have to contend with a natural disaster. And, not all disasters are natural. Some are caused by humans.

Some disaster recovery facts

  • Nearly 40% of small businesses close after a disaster, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
  • Only 35% of outages are caused by natural disasters. Another 45% are operational, and 19% are due to human error.
  • More than half of companies (54%) experienced a downtime event that lasted more than 8 hours – one full work day – in the past five years.
  • Just 2% of organizations recovered from their latest incident in under an hour.
  • Only 25% of businesses that close due to a major disaster ever reopen, according to the Institute for Business & Home Safety.

A Possible Solution

When things go awry, it's important to have a robust, targeted, and well-tested disaster recovery plan.

Pick Cloud and Rocket Software have teamed up to teach you how you can use D3 Hot Backup with the Google Could Platform to ensure you are covered in case of a disaster.  D3 Hot Backup could save your business in the event of a disaster, and a cloud solution can make it easier to maintain this mission critical piece of your business.

The Invitation

Please join Rocket Software and Pick Cloud for a Google demo - see how your D3 Hot Backup server can be hosted on any continent and in any one of Google’s global Data Centers in 15 regions, in 45 zones, with over 100 points of presence, and with a well-provisioned global network with hundreds of thousands of miles of fiber optic cable.

Our presenters are Bryan Glassick, Sr. Technical Support Manager, and Brian Cram, Sr. Technical Support Engineer from Rocket Software and Mark Pick, President and CEO of Pick Cloud, Inc.

Date:   Wednesday 23 May 2018

Time:    6:30 pm  (GMT)     [10:30 am (PDT)]

Register  here

All attendees are automatically entered to win a Google Home Mini!

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