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Q&A with Mike Ruane about OI 10

Published about 3 years ago by Elkie Holland

Following the release of OpenInsight Development Suite 10.0, it was my pleasure to catch up with Mike Ruane, President and CEO of Revelation Software.

ELKIE:  Congratulations on the release of OpenInsight Development Suite 10.0 which includes O4W version 2.0 and the Universal Driver 5.1 which was released on Monday 16 April 2018.

MIKE:  Thank you.  It took a while but the results were worth the wait.

ELKIE:  I’ve heard you say that you feel this release of OpenInsight is revolutionary.  Why is this ?

MIKE:  We’ve rewritten nearly every bit of code in the product, from the interface with the user, to the reporting tools, and the speed of the indexing routines. The look of the tool has been modernized, and so has the end result of the apps our developers create.

ELKIE:  The subject on everyone’s lips this month in the UK is GDPR.  Have you thought about that ?

MIKE:   Yes indeed.  User and Data Security – With increased concerns about security and privacy, including upcoming GDPR requirements, a number of enhancements and changes have been made to strengthen data security.

ELKIE:   So what would be the Top 5 of what’s new and good ?


  1. OpenInsight 10 includes a brand new IDE, visually similar to modern application development tools, yet still designed for the MultiValue developer. Each of the product’s designers, for forms, tables, reports and all others are now contained into a single, cohesive workspace.
  2. Arev64 – The next generation of our Advanced Revelation emulator, utilizing the full power and capabilities of modern 64-bit architectures. When we firt introduced Arev32 we had thought it would be a stopgap for those developers as they transitioned from green screen to GUI, but it’s become a full blown product all in its own right.  
  3. Management Console – The OpenInsight Management Console is a browser-based database management tool for system administrators. There are a lot of powerful features here for admins.
  4. Git Integration – OpenInsight’s repository based environment is integrated to the Git source code management system. This has been more helpful that I had originally thought.
  5. Universal Driver 5.1 – 64-bit and VSS capability. This helps with speed of operations, and works better with modern data backup procedures.

ELKIE:  How’s OpenInsight connectivity interconnectivity and filing  doing these days ?

MIKE:   Very well, thanks. We’ve made a number of enhancements for the MultiValue Base Filing System (MVBFS), Cloud Based Filing System (CBFS), NetOI/RevDotNet, OIPI.Net/OIPI, SQL Connector, Editor ++/Basic+, OECGI4 and CTO. Someone’s actually asked us about adding a Reality connector, so we’ll see if there’s a good business case for that.

ELKIE: I heard something about Bob Catalano, Director of Sales for Revelation Software admit that O4W had robustness issues ?

MIKE:  Yes, in its initial releases but now there have been huge breakthroughs, our new WYSISYG Form Designer makes creating responsive browserbased applications much easier, and much more intuitive.  

ELKIE:I know it’s early days but what sort of feedback have you had for OI 10.0 since it’s release ?

MIKE:  We’ve had a few issues reported – mostly cosmetic, and a couple of obscure low-level features we hadn’t realized that developers were using. We’ve addressed these, and have even added a few ‘nice to haves’ into the product for the 10.0.2 release, which will probably come out sometime in mid-May, 2018.

ELKIE:  If someone wishes to find out more about OpenInsight Development Suite 10.0.  What should they do ?

MIKE:  Contact one of us.  The contacts are:

           USA:    Robert Catalano Director of Sales, Revelation Software  (201) 594-1422. 

           EMEA:     Martyn Phillips at +44 208912 1003. 

           PACIFIC REGION:   Richard Bright at +64 (9) 534 9134

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