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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away ...

Published over 3 years ago by Elkie Holland

Yes, it's been 30 years exactly today since Prospectus was born !  Prospectus was started to bring quality, honest and ethical recruitment to the specialist Pick (now MultiValue) market.

As a naive and innocent (up for interpretation), young (undisputed - I have my birth certificate) lady, I could have have imagined what the next 30 years would hold for myself and Prospectus.  The highs, the lows and the funny !

Yes, as this special birthday was looming, I had some fun reminiscing ...

Some Lows

  • 3 recessions - not dwelling here !
  • A few court cases - fortunatelya 100% successful track record here to-date :)
  • Other things but I never dwell on negatives - It's "so not me !" so I'm not going to do it here.

Some Highs

  • Being nominated and winning a variety of Awards (click here). Some fab champagne, dinners and breakfasts!
  • Being interviewed and included in a Penguin / Puffin book about successful people along with the likes of Terence Trent Darby, Annabel Croft to name a few.  It aimed to inspire others.
  • Putting a face to a name and 5.5 weeks later being married to them - then 5.5 years later being divorced !  We may not still be married but we still talk happily !
  • Placing people has been and still is my favourite "high" as I get to make an individual happy, help businesses move some great projects forwards and of course paying my mortgage.

Some Laughs

(oh so many but most I've sworn to never share !)

  • Setting fire to a menu in a lavish french restaurant on my first ever client lunch.  I went from nervous to very embarrassed in the flick of a match !
  • Doing Marilyn Monroe impressions when visiting a server room - straight skirts from then on !
  • Falling face first in a snow drift in Finland with clients. I really should learn to stay in line and do as I'm told !!
  • Getting gassed by a supplier who didn't follow instructions. Fortunately we both ended up laughing whilst gasping for air with streaming eyes ! Only took a few hours to recover. 
  • Playing tennis in a park by car headlights and moonlight.
  • Seeing local sights during a client visit to Holland ...!!! 
  • Panting in my PJs after descending 16 flights of stairs in the middle of the night to after fire alarms went off at a hotel where there was a Conference.  Definitely not my best look and delighted that Social Media wasn't about then and the clients have been perfect gentlemen about this through the years.
  • Skippering a boat with clients on board but misjudging the fuel consumption.  Not the food and alcohol fuel though !  A real team building exercise experience. Yes, the clients do all still talk to me today.
  • Blushing whilst the Dream Boys did their act when I was hosting a party at a Central London venue.  Honestly the club booked them not me !
  • Having 2 members of staff kidnapped on camels whilst in Egypt. They got back safely and laughed too.
  • Caught stalking a client in the US as I was lost ! Fortunately, he took me under his wing and saw the funny side of it.

I have loved this 30 year journey because I have shared it with some fabulous people (staff, clients and candidates) in a fantastic market.  It's a real community as well as a technology.

  • Thank you to you all for your help and hours of patience whilst helping me understand the technologies.
  • Thank you to some great staff through the decades.
  • Thank you for the opportunities to help you with your projects and letting me work alongside your businesses.
  • Thank you for trusting me with your careers.
  • Thank you for confiding in me so that I can best help you.
  • Thank you for the last fun 30 years.

In Short:

30 years have been a blast ! 

Thank you to a Great Community. 

#MultiValue !

Thank you for your business, your trust and the fun.

Now on with the next decade....

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