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A Client Story - Enteruptors and Evoke from Blue Finity

Published over 3 years ago by Elkie Holland

In the past, I have been asked “Do you know anyone using Evoke – a rapid business app development platform ?”.    At that time I didn’t but now my answer is “Yes, Enteruptors are”.

Here’s a short Q&A with David Jordan, CEO, Enteruptors, about their choices and experiences with Evoke from BlueFinity.

Elkie:  Can you tell me a bit about your business first please.

David:   Enteruptors provides innovative software and consultancy services in the UK, Australia and America.  We have over 25 years experience in corporate strategy, compliance and innovation.  Our client base span Government, MultiNational, Co-operatives and small businesses in diverse market sectors including banking, mining, shipping, retail, manufacturing and technology.


Elkie:    What prompted your decision to use Evoke ?

David:   Until recently, we installed software on our clients’ desktops.  As we have grown this has become more resource intensive and costly to manage and maintain.  Also when clients updated their technology, we had a risk of not being compatible.  We were looking to scale our solution to 20,000 organisations across the world with 100,000+ users which would be a logistics nightmare.  we decided to develop and launch a SaaS version of our solution in order to reduce IT maintenance time and drive down costs.

Elkie: Were there any other factors to your decision ?

David:  Moving into a cloud-based environment was a key part of our strategic growth plan. We wanted to scale our business internationally and producing mobile solution was critical. However, we wanted to reduce the number of developers, keep our costs down and our organisation lean and dynamic to respond quickly to customers.


Elkie:     What did you find when you evaluated the market looking for a cloud based solution ?

David:   We researched the market but found the app development solutions frustratingly limited – they weren’t customer-friendly or flexible. For example, some of the data entry screens and text boxes didn’t cover what we needed, but there were no options to change this – the software was too rigid and inflexible, allowing little room for customisation.


Elkie:  How did you find out about Evoke ?

David:  I  saw an advertisement for a new rapid development app platform from Bluefinity International called Evoke, which offered a cost-effective, flexible solution that would allow for faster app development.


Elkie:   Why did you decide on Evoke ?
David:   Evoke enables the rapid development and deployment of mobile, desktop and web, hybrid and native apps.  This enabled us to extend our enterprise applications to customers, employees, and partners in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.  


Elkie:   Can you name 5 advantages / benefits to using Evoke to support your decision?

David:  There were lots but here goes:

  1. A key positive for us with Evoke is because it offers rich data management capabilities and flexibility. The product integrates with SQL and MultiValue databases and allows full synchronisation between local systems and back-end databases.    This meant that during the development process, we could define the data it required for apps and transfer existing data into the new apps without any restrictions, saving time and money.
  2. Another benefit was using a single app design and code base, apps could be created for multiple device types and operating systems including iPads, iPhones, Android and Windows phones and tablets, plus Windows, Linux and Apple desktops. This meant that our customers could access the apps using a variety of devices and not just be limited to their desktops. 
  3. We were also impressed by Evoke’s designer technology which automates the creation of default information and files for base apps. It offers all the major features of a typical RAD environment including menu creation, integration of device specific features, styling and data management, along with a WYSIWYG screen.
  4. Because the system is flexible, we could retain the existing screen design of our original apps and maintain the same design look and feel for the new apps – ensuring customers had a consistent experience.
  5. The solution is also future proof - no matter how much the business needs change or the technology evolves, it offers an unlimited growth path. This was a very important factor.


Elkie: What was the journey like ?

David:  Throughout the development journey, we worked incredibly closely with Bluefinity. They supported us and helped us with all aspects of the development. We were able to feedback our views about Evoke and even suggest some tweaks to the product which has further enhanced the solution.


Elkie:  Did you need additional staff to do this project ?

David:  No, we used the same developers and we didn’t need to increase their development time or their budget.


Elkie:    On balance, has the Evoke project been a success and met the original objective ?

David:  Yes, we have successfully rolled out cloud-based apps for customers which are easier to manage, update and maintain. There are fewer client technical issues and the IT maintenance time has significantly reduced.  Since the original project, we have also enhanced our solutions, adding further customisation.   We’ve introduced more sophisticated apps for our customers. We are now capable of managing different languages and different currency options. This was a powerful change which has enabled us to reach new customers internationally. The new apps also allow us to develop greater cognitive processes to simplify compliance, turn regulation into results and knowledge into action. We are able to deliver substantial improvements for our clients.


Elkie:  Any lasting effects on the business ?

David:  Our business is more dynamic and we can respond more easily to customer changes and recently, this has enabled us to expand the business and open offices in the UK. We are offering sophisticated SaaS solution that enable our customers to keep on top of regulations and manage compliance more easily.  After JP Morgan lost $6B due to spreadsheet erros, clients are looking to us to replace spreadsheets with a proper business system that increases productivity and reduces risk.


For further information about BlueFinity visit their website  or call +44 (0) 1442 450435 (UK) or +1 (773) 327 4443 (US)




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