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The Finalists - 2017 APT Rocket.Build Competition

Published almost 4 years ago by Elkie Holland

It was a great honour to be asked to join an illustrious panel of Judges for the 2017 APT Rocket.Build Competition.  I gladly accepted.   

The APT Rocket.Build Academy / Competition 2017

The APT Rocket.Build Academy is an environment dedicated to promoting MultiValue software platform authored by Rocket Software by means of supporting people who enter the competition at one of the most important parts of their careers - the beginning. The entrants are all Undergraduates who have given up their time to learn awesome software and create an application using it and enter this into the competition. The competition has been supported by a large number of software professionals (APT and Rocket) who have been available via social media and direct questions to help, teach and encourage the Entrants with their projects.

Entries were seen by both teams and individuals.  Sadly, some dropped out part way but a good number enjoyed the journey and produced some excellent entries.

The prize

£5,000 PLUS a Trip to this year's Rocket.Build  in Boston, USA.  Rocket.Build is Rocket Software's annual hackathon - an event which brings together engineers and programmers from around the world to work in teams to develop new products to help Rocket customers solve their business and technology challenges.

The Judges:

The Judging Criteria:

Points were awarded for a number of things including technical innovation and competence; user experience and documentation; contribution and interaction.

The Finalists are:

Amongst the wide variety of entries, there were 2 outstanding entries which impressed the judges very much so it was decided that both would go to Rocket.Build and meet Andy Youniss in person.  The APT Rocket.Build Competion Winner will be announced during Rocket.Build.

The Finalists are:      Eddie O'Donnell and George Christian


The APT Rocket.Build Winner ..... is to be announced ... at Rocket.Build.


My Comments

It was fantastic to watch the Entrants formulate and grow in confidence and ability throughout the time as well as watch the fruition of their concepts.

Everyone who submitted a final entry should feel a great sense of achievement both technical product and for entering.

To the 2 Finalists:  Well done, and don't worry about who the Winner is, enjoy the Rocket.Build and being amongst some awesome brains. Good luck to you both in the final stage.

Credit must go to not just the entrants but also the great support, encouragement, organisation and planning put in to this from both APT and Rocket staff (not just the Judges!).  It was a great MultiValue Community Collective spearheaded by APT.   Brilliant.

It's been a great competition all round and I have very much enjoyed being a part of it and seeing it go from conception to Winner.

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