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RESPECT - Find out what it means to me

Published over 4 years ago by Elkie Holland

R E S P E C T  - Find out what it means to me !


At Prospectus, we work with RESPECT  as Aretha Franklin would say:  R E S P E C T – “Find out what it means to me”.  At Prospectus we have the utmost respect for our Clients, Candidates and our Consultants.


R esponsible  (we take our responsibilities to our clients and candidates seriously)

E thical  (we are ethical, have integrity and believe in being totally honest with our clients and candidates at all times)
S pecialists  (we are specialists in our niche – Pick / MultiValue)

P rofessional  (we only recruit the most professional recruiters to sustain longevity)

E ngaging  (we engage with our clients and candidates to build long term relationships)

C aring  (we care about our candidates career and our clients business)

T ransparent  (we are transparent, what you see is what you get – “we tell it like is is”)


At Prospectus, we adhere to ethical and honest approach which means it was pretty easy for us to become REC members and adhere to the REC's Code of Practice:

  1. Respect for Laws
  2. Respect for honesty and transparency
  3. Respect for work relationships
  4. Respect for diversity
  5. Respect for safety
  6. Respect for professional knowledge
  7. Respect for certainty of engagement
  8. Respect for prompt and accurate payment
  9. Respect for ethical international recruitment
  10. Respect for confidentiality and privacy
We look forward to working with you and with "Respect" during 2017 !
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